WRC Speed Development – 03/09/2020 – Greg McMillan – 4×5 mins Marker Workout

1 September 2020 - By Scott Darney

Those of you who have read some of my previous posts will have seen Greg McMillan’s name mentioned before. His training pace calculator is a great tool for working out training paces.

But he is a highly regarded running coach in the US with a solid running background boasting PBs of 2:31 for the marathon, 1:10 for the HM and a sub 15min 5k. In his coaching career he has coached athletes in the Olympic Games, World Championships plus over 10,000 Boston Qualifiers.

From his website:

“Greg has a masters degree in Exercise Physiology where his research focused on the determining factors of distance running performance. A student of the sport since he began running in high school, he continues to apply advances in sports science to his training programs. As with his study of sports science, Greg continues to learn from the athletes and coaches of yesterday and today. He vigorously studies the great books on running and is eager to be around successful coaches and athletes to learn from their experiences. His mentors include the late, great Arthur Lydiard (who he toured with on Lydiard’s last US tour), Olympic Coach Dr. Joe Vigil, Peak Running Performance founder Guy Avery and USA Track & Field physiologist Dr. David Martin.”

Whilst you will need to pay to participate in one of his training plans, there are plenty of free articles on his website providing useful information on how to run and train for 5ks, 10ks, HMs and Marathons and I have picked and adapted a session from one of these articles for this week.

I have chosen to copy one of Greg McMillans marker sessions this week as we have not raced for a while so it’s a good time to lay down a marker and gauge fitness. We will repeat this session later on in the year and it will give us an opportunity to compare.

Adapted from one of Greg McMillans marker sessions, this week we will do the following:

  • 4 x 5 minutes with 2:30 resting recovery.

This is a difficult session and will be hard to pace so as I always recommend, make sure you start conservatively and build on your speed so that you finish strong or maintain your speed.  The guide pace is quite a broad range but those who are in good form should be able to maintain 5k pace or slightly faster.  If you are getting back into efforts then I would recommend 10k pace as a starting point.

When you return home, write down the distance of each effort and the total of the efforts combined or add them to your strava notes so that you can have a marker to improve on for the next time the session takes place.

We will once again be providing a limited coached session which members will need to pre-register for attendance and details will follow shortly.

Please can all members ensure that they:

  • Perform the workout in groups of no more than 6 and adhere to current Covid guidelines by staying 1-2 metres apart,
  • Pick a session that is suited to your current fitness.
  • Perform a suitable 1-2 mile easy jog warm up and cool down and appropriate dynamic warm up and post session stretching as required.

More information about Grem McMillan and his coaching can be found on his website McMillanRunning.com



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