Thursday’s Speed Development – Moneghetti Fartlek

19 November 2019 - By Scott Darney

Thursdays session will see the return of a session that we successfully trialled at Rickstones Track back in the summer. However, as we will not have access to the track the session will take place at the Eastways Industrial Estate where we have a our loop of roughly 400m.

The Moneghetti Fartlek is a tried and tested workout named after the famous Australian long distance runner Steve Moneghetti. Steve boasts a Marathon PB of 2:08:16 and a Half Marathon best of 60:06. He created this workout in the 80’s and is a staple part of his training even to this day. The beauty of the workout is that it is a short workout that is adaptable to cater for all levels.

It is a continuous 20 minute workout round the track (or round an industrial estate loop!) and the whistle will be blown to indicate the change of pace between intervals. There will also be a short warm-up and cool down to take the session to a total of 30 minutes.

The Monaghetti Fartlek:

2 x 90 seconds effort / 90 seconds recovery
4 x 60 seconds effort / 60 seconds recovery
4 x 30 seconds effort / 30 seconds recovery
4 x 15 seconds effort / 15 seconds recovery

The effort pace should be around 5k pace and the aim is to maintain 5k pace or progress to a faster pace on the shorter efforts if you are able to.

The guided recovery pace is a floating recovery but in order to make the session adaptable to all levels, we will allow you to choose your recovery pace in order to dictate the intensity of the workout.

Starting with 1 being the hardest, your recovery options are as follows:

1. Floating Recovery – slightly slower than 5k pace (between 5m and 10k pace)
2. Race pace recovery – Half marathon pace or marathon pace
3. jogging recovery – easy jogging
4. Walking recovery

As we will be in the industrial estate and unable to see all runners at all times, Jodee will stand at one end of the circuit and I will stand at the other and we will blow our whistles (hopefully at the same time!) to notify when to run and when to recover:
Whistle blown once = start of effort
Whistle blown twice = start of recovery

However, it would be very useful if members could also program the session into their garmin so I have attached a screen shot of what the session looks like.

We look forward to seeing you all there on Thursday.


Scott & Jodee


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