Thursday 24th September – Speed Development – Laura Muir: Fast 200s

21 September 2020 - By Scott Darney

This weeks athlete has a multitude of medals and records to her name as she heads into Olympic year.

Laura Muir holds the European indoor records for the 1000m (2:31.93) and 3000m (8:26), the British indoor 5000m record (14:49) and the British outdoor records for 1000m (2:30.82) and 1500m (3:55.22).

She won double gold in 1500m and 3000m at the European Championships in both 2017 and 2019 and a picked up a Silver in the 1500m and Bronze in 3000m at the 2018 World Indoor Championships.

Laura (who is a vet when she’s not running) will definitely be one to watch in Tokyo and as an athlete who leaves nothing on the track, she will be one of GB’s strongest medal hopes.

Follow her preparation on Instagram and Twitter.

As a racer of shorter distances than we are used to, it’s no surprise to discover that one of her favourite workouts is Fast 200s. This is important for middle distances where sprint a finish on tired legs is vital if you want to rin races but speed is a useful attribute for all distances right up to the Marathon.

This is a very simple session and you will be pleased to hear that for once, the recovery will be longer (in time) than the effort!

Quite simply you will run 200m at around mile pace and then you will walk for 200m as a recovery and then repeat for 30 minutes.  The longer recovery allows you to run the 200m efforts at a harder effort than you would normally run and will be a pace that most of you are not used to running (me included!) so it is vitally important to ensure that you are adequately warmed up before you start.

The session will last 30 minutes but if any of you want to do a little extra then just let me know before we start and I can potentially stick around for an extra few minutes.

Please can all members ensure that they:

  • Meet coaches at the session location.
  • Do not attend if showing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Do not attend unless pre-registered and relevant Covid 19 disclaimer has been agreed.
  • Perform the workout in groups of no more than 6 and adhere to current Covid guidelines by staying 1-2 metres apart during the course of the session.
  • Ensure appropriate distance given when overtaking.
  • Perform a suitable 1-2 mile cool down jog and appropriate post session stretching.

The session sign-up form is not open yet but as soon as it is we will let you know so that members can sign up to participate in this session.

Thanks and enjoy!


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