Weekend Race Report (incl a Club Record!)

4 March 2018 - By Steve Hennings

With both the Essex 20 and Colchester Stampede 10k cancelled, we had runners at a couple significant half-marathons that were still on.

The Vitality Big Half, London

It’s safe to say Ruth Mizon has been on a journey (which we’ve all witnessed!).

Since turning up at the pub runs a couple of years ago complaining bitterly that she was not a runner, she decided to launch her half-marathon racing career at the inaugural Vitality Big Half in London today, coming home in 02:06:06.

I don’t think anyone is taking any notice of the “I’m not a runner” line any more

Cambridge Half Marathon

Meanwhile, just up the M11, was the ever-popular Cambridge Half with around 9000 people running.

Rachel Sweatt, who was already due to represent Essex in the cancelled 20 miles race, took advantage of her Cambridge entry, coming home in 7th place with an incredible PB of 01:23:26 and the Club Record that has stood for 25 years to boot.

There were also a PBs from Chris Wager and Leah Roby Smith, with Hilary Curtis finishing her first half marathon.

Chip time Participant Category
01:23:26 Rachel Sweatt (F) 25-29 PB & Club Record
02:07:00 Christine Wager (F) 30-34
02:07:00 Chris Wager (M) 35-39 PB
02:13:04 Leah Roby Smith (F) Junior PB
02:20:05 David Toombs (M) 50-54
02:34:27 Hillary Curtis (F) 55-59

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