WRC Coaching Update

3 September 2019 - By Scott Darney

The coaching team met last night to review training and coaching so far in 2019 and to plan for the future.

One small and not so significant change we decided upon was to provide a name for the Thursday 7:30pm interval/speed/fartlek/effort sessions. This will now be known as the “Speed Development” session to more accurately reflect what we are trying to achieve and to avoid any confusion with other sessions.

Aside from just thinking of fancy names for Thursday Efforts, we did talk about other things and I thought it would be useful to inform our members of what we have planned for them in the coming months:

  • We have introduced a handful of new sessions to the training cycle for Summer/Autumn 2019 and due to positive feedback we will continue to try and bring new and interesting sessions and locations to the club.
  • As the Winter 5k is a popular event, we will continue this tradition but we are also looking introducing a shorter Time Trial, possibly 2-3k.
  • Cross Country Training. We plan to reveal details of cross country training that we will be holding on several weekends over the coming months so get those spikes cleaned and ready!
  • WRC Track. This will continue through to the end of October with the aim of preparing our members for the final Essex County Championship 10 mile race at Stebbing. Whilst there may be ad-hoc sessions throughout the winter, we plan to pick this up more regularly again next summer.
  • Intorduction to Club Running Course. Special thanks to Jodee Mayer who is planning a 6 week course starting in November aimed at bridging the gap between 5k and the Tuesday Tempo Run of 5-6 miles. Details to follow.
  • Triathlon Coaching. We will be looking at ways to help our triathlon community in 2020 by way of coaching or group sessions.
  • Halloween and Christmas special sessions planned for October and December.
  • Rachel Pearsons to provide information initially through articles on the club website on “Women’s Running”. Info to follow soon.
  • Guest coaching sessions and guest speakers providing insights and guidance on a number of topics such as training, racing, nutrition etc.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me or a member of the coaching team.


WRC Coaching Team

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