WRC Inter-Club Team Championship 2019-20

24 February 2019 - By James Crisp

WRC Inter-club Championships

What is it?

This is a FUN inter-club competition for all members and FOR ALL ABILITIES to get involved in a range of races/distances which concludes with the cross country season. Members will be put into teams which will include a spread of abilities, meaning ALL RUNNERS ARE IMPORTANT! Everyone will then compete in a selection of race distances throughout the year and all (where possible) the cross country races over the season and earn points based on finishing position.


Who is it for?

Everyone! This is purely for fun and every runner who enters will play a pivotal role in their team.  All abilities are encouraged to enter, regardless of your competitive nature and/or running experience. If you need any additional motivation, there is always plenty of banter (and lots of cake during the cross country season)!


How are the points awarded?

For the Summer 5k Series and Cross Country Season: Once you cross the line, someone will allocate you a WRC Team Finishing Position based on the order you come in amongst the other WRC runners. This position is also the number of points you earn for your team, therefore, the lower your position (eg 1st), the lower your point score (eg 1 point). The aim is to get the lowest number of points as a team.

For the other distances/races: Once all races are done and times have been recorded, each runner will be ranked. Similar to above, this will equate to a position and therefore a point for your team.

There will be a league table on the website so you can monitor your teams progress over the year.

There will also be additional bonus (reduction) points throughout the year to help your team. More to follow 😉


When and where are the races?

All runners to take part in as much of the Summer 5k series as possible:

From The Angel pub, Kelvedon, unless stated as ‘Track’, which means it will be at Tabor Academy, Braintree.

  • Thursday 9th May (Race 1)
  • Thursday 30th May (Race 2)
  • Thursday 20th June (Race 3)
  • Thursday 11th July (Race 4)
  • Friday 20th September (Race 5) *Track

All runners to take part in as much of the Cross Country season as possible:

  • October 20th – Halstead
  • November 3rd – Great Bentley
  • December 1st – Harwich
  • January 12th – Springfield
  • February 9th – Colchester Harriers
  • February 23rd – Hadleigh


What happens if I can’t run in all races?

This is not the end of the world! If you are unable to make a Summer 5k Series or Cross Country race, you will earn the maximum number of points +1.


How do I know who is in my team?

Once everyone has entered, teams will be arranged and published on the website. Each team will be given a colour and runners will wear matching coloured sweat bands so you can spot your teammates and opponents.


What if I don’t want to be in a team but still want to do the Summer 5k Series, Cross Country races?

This is absolutely fine. All WRC members are welcome to take part in the cross country races with all the other runners. Usual cross country rules will apply, you just won’t wear a coloured sweat band or be given a WRC Team finishing position number at the end. You will still receive a race finishing position though.


What to do now?

Time to enter via the website! Please leave your name and your average/estimated 5 mile time. From this information, teams will be produced to ensure teams have similar combined times.

On race day, make sure you show up, wear the official race tops and have your coloured sweat band on.


I have more questions!

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with specific questions: thomas_ashley@hotmail.com or I can also be contacted via Facebook.


Enter your time below – Deadline Sunday 17th March:

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