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25 August 2022 - By James Blackshaw

This club is like one big organism, one big animal, yeah? The committee, they’re the mouth. The coaches, they’re the hands. I’m probably the humour. You will never read results in a running club like this again. This is brilliant – fact. And you’ll never have another results secretary like me, someone who’s basically a chilled out entertainer. (This week’s results are brought to you by David Brent.)

Clacton Half Marathon/10k

Terry Alabaster: half marathon, Daniel Griffiths: half marathon, Jodee Mayer: half marathon sometimes 10k, so… different distances, different needs…


Pos Chip Time Name
27 01:31:17 Samuel Hajder
31 01:32:34 Daniel Griffiths
50 01:38:46 Terry Alabaster
104 01:49:03 Owen Dare
282 02:15:41 Ross Silverton



Pos Chip Time Name
17 00:41:22 Andrew Smith
22 00:43:50 David Carey
35 00:47:14 Gerry Greenwold
44 00:48:56 Mark Lynch
111 00:58:06 Sarah Naughton
149 01:01:59 Natalie Lilley
161 01:03:27 Jodee Mayer


East Hanningfield Trail Marathon

When people ask Lysia if she’d rather be thought of as a trail runner or a marathon runner, her answer’s always the same: to her, they’re not mutually exclusive.

Lysia Jiggins  – 6:35:25


Frank Duffy 10 mile

Fiona’s world does not end with Witham. The UK is a big place. And when she’s finished with Witham there’s Dublin (where this race was). She sort of fused ‘running 10 miles’ with ‘Getting a PB’.

Fiona Collins – 1:29:57 (PB)


Tour Of Terling

Total For Both Days

These results are both days, both excellent days in their way. Day 2 was impromptu, but I don’t think you should receive extra points for that.

TOT2022 Day 1 Day 2 total
terry alabaster 01:02:02 00:34:44 01:36:46
chris beazeley 01:32:10 00:31:33 02:03:43


Day 1

Under ‘Weaknesses’, a lot of these runners put “only turning up to one day of a two-day competition”

TOT day 2 5.2mls Run time
chris beazeley 00:46:33
andrew smith 00:48:51
rupert bolger 00:48:59
terry alabaster 00:49:44
bill smythe 00:48:29
shane ketteridge 01:01:07


Day 2

Under ‘Strengths’, these guys put “running”…that’s sort of your hobby though…

TOT day 1 7.5mls Time
andy lager 00:55:56
terry alabaster 01:02:02
chris beazeley 01:32:10
nicola norman 01:32:10



The Brentmeister-General


Thought for the week: “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain. You know which ‘philosopher’ said that? Dolly Parton”

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