Trifarm Triple Crown Series Sprint Triathlon – Race 1

28 May 2018 - By James Montgomery

Close to home at the popular TriFarm open water swimming venue, on Sunday Lee Pembroke took part in the first race in the TriFarm Triple Crown series of Triathlons. This is a series of three sprint-distance based races all held over the same course of 1 lap 800 meters swim, 18kms bike and 5 laps of the 1 kms dedicated run track at the venue. Being close to home had it’s advantages and not least the event was well organised.

There were two swim waves and Lee was in the second wave, his aim was to try and draft as best as he could and on exiting the water was really pleased with his time of 15mins 59secs.

Into T1 and it wasn’t his best effort but exited onto the bike after an acceptable 1.57, the bike was a one lap route of which after about one mile competitors were greeted by North Hill. Hills not being Lee’s speciality (are they anyone’s?) but once the climb was out of the way there was an enjoyable downhill stretch where Lee managed to get up to pass around half a dozen other competitors at nearly 40 mph! The remainder of the bike course was quite enjoyable with a fast last couple of miles before entry to T2. Lee has found that riding with the Saturday group has generally improved his speed, finishing the leg in 37mins 23 secs, giving him an average of around 19mph.

T2 was fairly similar to T1 in performance and Lee was out on to the run in 42 seconds which was five laps of the gravel track around the lake. By now it was starting to get a bit hot so he was really pleased to finish the run in 22.48 with an overall time of 1 hour 18 minutes and 48 seconds which was inside his goal time of 1 hour 20 minutes, this also meant that Lee finished fourth in his age group and 16th overall.

Swim:    00:15:59
Bike:      00:37:23
Run:      00:22:48
Overall: 01:18:48

Well done Lee!


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