James and Scott do the Cambridge Triathlon

1 August 2016 - By James Montgomery

Some more results from the weekend, this time from Cambridge…

Scott Darney and James Kennerley partook in this year’s Cambridge Standard Distance Triathlon on Sunday, on a slightly different course than previous iterations of the race and consisting of a 1.5km Swim, 42km Bike and 10km run.

The start was Ozzie style with competitors lined up in their waves on the “beach” of the lake with a sprint on foot at the sound of the claxon into the clear waters. Two laps of the lake completed and James was first out of the water in a swim time of 31:46 followed by pond-weed hindered Scott a minute and 15 seconds behind.

Out on the bike the topography was flat, but the open fens gave rise to some wicked headwinds on the only sections of decent road, with much of the bike leg on narrow farm roads in desperate need of resurfacing. The cobbles of the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix have nothing on the pothole ridden byways of East Anglia! Scott managed to make up for lost time and pass James whilst out on the bike, coming into T2 a cool 3 and a half minutes ahead.

Out on the run, again flat and exposed now in the mid-morning sun, Scott tapped out a very respectable 44:50 for the 10k, whilst two solid days of boozing in the lead up to the event finally crept up on James, who sauntered in after 58 minutes.

It is a shame they had changed the course this year, no doubt to cater for the shorter sprint triathlon which ran alongside the Standard distance, as previously this was a fast event with a single loop swim followed by a fast bike section along decent roads.

Full split times as below:

Swim:           32mins 59secs
Bike:      1hr 21mins 31secs
Run:             44mins 50secs
Overall:  2hrs 41mins 51secs

Swim:            31mins 46secs
Bike:       1hr 25mins 37secs
Run:             58mins 52secs
Overall:   3hrs 00mins 16secs

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