Thursday’s Training – Rickstone’s Track – 800m reps

8 May 2017 - By Rachel Pearsons

**Please note – go straight to Rickstone’s Academy instead of meeting at the Leisure Centre.**

This Thursday the training will take place on the grass track to the rear of Rickstone’s Academy. Emma and I will be there for a 7:30pm start where we will provide a full briefing of the session before starting the warm ups.

Most of you are familiar with the 800m rep session which is mostly focussed on endurance training. This session can be adapted to assist those looking to improve on speed. If you wish to adapt the session, please speak to me before the warm up. Runners will be split into groups depending on the speed in which you wish to complete the 800m in. These groups will consist of;

3 mins per rep
3:30 mins per rep
4 mins per rep
4:30 mins per rep
and so on and so forth so that every runner is catered for. You choose the pace in which you wish to complete each rep in so you can adjust your effort to suit your training programme.

Recovery will be half of your rep time, so please feel free to programme your Garmin’s (other GPS recording devices are available!!) in advance of the session. The session will last for 30 minutes and will be a continuous session.

If you are racing at the weekend, recovering from injury or are new to running then the advice would be to take it easy and go into a group that suits your current ability.

So, lets hope the sun is shining and the wind drops so we can start enjoying the summer training!! Emma and I very much look forward to seeing you all there.

Happy Running!!!

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