Thursday’s Speed Development Moneghetti Fartlek

20 January 2024 - By Bethany Shippey

Dear all

Please join me and Sasha for the return of a club favourite, Moneghetti Fartleks. The session will be held at Eastways Industrial Estate, please be there for a 7:30pm start and ensure you have done a preliminary warm-up. We will, as usual, be taking you through some dynamic stretching as a group before the session start proper.

The session is as follows and should program into your device:

2 x 90 seconds effort / 90 seconds recovery
4 x 60 seconds effort / 60 seconds recovery
4 x 30 seconds effort / 30 seconds recovery
4 x 15 seconds effort / 15 seconds recovery

Try to maintain the same pace throughout or progress to a faster pace on the shorter efforts if you feel able to.

The recommended speed of the recovery is a floating recovery but please choose your recovery pace in order to dictate the intensity of the workout from the following (1 being the hardest):

1. Floating Recovery – slightly slower than 5k pace (between 5m and 10k pace)
2. Race pace recovery – Half marathon pace or marathon pace
3. Jogging recovery – easy jogging
4. Walking recovery – if you are going to aim to walk, then break into a “jog” for the last 5s of each recovery to lead into the effort, and ensure you jog the whole recovery between the 15s intervals, as they come around quickly.

This is a relatively short session, just 20 minutes total so please put as much effort in as you can. The nature of the session is designed to inject some speed into your running.

There is also an optional extra at the end of the session which is a 8-10 minute run at marathon pace. Note the objective word “optional”!!

See you there!

Beth and Sasha

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