Thursday Training – 23rd May – 400m reps

20 May 2019 - By Rachel Pearsons

This Thursday is a speed session using the popular RiverWalk in Witham. You will be split into groups (as per Tuesday night groups), so you choose how hard you want to work. We will start at the viaduct located on Armond Road with half the groups setting off in one direction whilst the other half in another direction. You will get a recovery after each rep and after 15 minutes of training, you will swap directions.

The recommended recovery after each rep is half of your effort time. After 15 minutes, you can choose whether to go straight into the second part of the session (making for a much tougher and longer session) or take a break before setting out in the other direction. It is advisable to bring along a drink as it is getting warmer and it is important to stay hydrated. There is no target for how many reps you complete as this session is time based.

We will meet at Witham Leisure Centre at the usual time of 7:30pm with a prompt departure at 7:45pm where we will do a warm-up jog to the viaduct. We will complete some dynamic stretches to complete the warm-up before setting you off in your groups.

Please note – it can be busy along the RiverWalk with dog walkers, etc, so please be mindful to other RiverWalk users.

Sasha and I look forward to seeing you Thursday!!

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