Thursday Speed Development – Jake Wightman 2 min/30/30s

7 June 2021 - By Jason Lilley

This session was first tried out in August last year – Scott created using some options that Jake Wightman kindly suggested he try.

The session is as follows:

8-10 sets of:

  • 2 mins effort / 30s recovery jog
  • 30s effort / 1 min recovery jog

8 sets is 31 minutes, 10 sets is 39 minutes (you can drop the final 1 minute recovery).

As usual, you should aim for consistent pacing. Try not to go too fast and fade at the end, that’s a sign you’ve paced it wrong. If in doubt start conservative and finish strong.

I would advise that you aim for either 10k or 5k pace at best for the 2 minute efforts to enable you to make your 30s efforts slightly faster. Don’t feel that you need to smash the 30s efforts, just try and make them faster.

Remember, be consistent. There is no benefit to running the first 3 sets at an impressive pace if you can’t match this for the remainder of the workout, the gains are earned in the consistency of a solid workout.

We will meet at the Witham Town Park (park at Tesco) at 7:30pm on the bottom field.

Please can all members ensure that they:

  • Pick a session that is suited to your current fitness.
  • Perform a suitable 1-2 mile easy jog warm up and cool down


Karen & Sasha

Speed Development Session
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  1. Katie Layley
  2. Simon Scott
  3. Angela Wray
  4. Simon Cresswell
  5. Abby Reilly
  6. Andy Lager
  7. Stephen Sawyer
  8. Clive smith
  10. Geoff Reddin
  11. Ian Lucas
  12. Dean Whittaker
  13. Charlotte Roberts
  14. Andy Watson
  15. Adam Salkeld
  16. Pete Riley
  17. Banksy
  18. Jonathan Moore


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