Thursday efforts session (hills, hills, hills)

27 September 2017 - By Emma Austin

Hills I hear you groan! Why do we put you through it? Here’s why… hill efforts introduce variety and intensity into your training which in turn improves your running endurance (going faster for longer), your speed, power and overall strength including the mental ability to conquer those inclines. Hills also help to strengthen your muscular system which has a positive impact on your running form sooooo its hills this week at efforts!

This will be a 30 minute hill session at the infamous ‘Market Hill’ in Maldon, the focus on tomorrows session will be to power up the hill and use the downhill as your recovery (this can be a jog or walk). The session will be 30 minutes of continuous hills and the technical focus of the session will be on your arms and efficient backwards arm drive. This will help you to move your legs more efficiently especially up (and down) hills.

Kerry and I will meet you in the Maldon Tesco’s car park by the click and collect point (the far right hand side) for a 19:30 briefing before we undertake some warm ups and arm drills on the footpath before heading over to the bottom of Market Hill. This session is for absolutely everyone and it would be great to see lots of you in my first officially qualified session. As always please bring adequate hydration, high vis and a dry top for afterwards as our bodies will cool down quickly after a session such as this.

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