Speed Development Session Thursday 17 September – Moneghetti Fartlek

14 September 2020 - By Jodee Mayer

Hello everyone,

Thursday’s session will see the return of (quite frankly my favourite SD session) the Moneghetti Fartlek. Again, the session will be limited to 24 participants – further details below.

The session will take place at the Eastways Industrial Estate. Please meet at 6.45pm (having completed your warm up jog of 1-2 miles) for drills with the session to start at around 7pm.

Scott will be posting up full details of The Moneghetti Fartlek and Steve Moneghetti himself, but in summary this is a 20 minute workout as follows:

2 x 90 seconds effort / 90 seconds recovery
4 x 60 seconds effort / 60 seconds recovery
4 x 30 seconds effort / 30 seconds recovery
4 x 15 seconds effort / 15 seconds recovery

The effort pace should be at around 5k pace (though if you are returning to speed development sessions after a break, aim for between 5k and 10k pace) and the aim is to maintain the same pace or progress to a faster pace on the shorter efforts if you are able to.

The guided recovery pace is a floating recovery but please choose your recovery pace in order to dictate the intensity of the workout from the following (1 being the hardest):

1. Floating Recovery – slightly slower than 5k pace (between 5m and 10k pace)
2. Race pace recovery – Half marathon pace or marathon pace
3. Jogging recovery – easy jogging
4. Walking recovery

Max and I will stand at opposite corners of the Eastways loop and we will blow our whistles (hopefully at the same time!) to notify when to run and when to recover:

Whistle blown once = start of effort
Whistle blown twice = start of recovery

However, it would be very useful if members could also program the session into their watch so I have attached a screen shot of what the session looks like.


Please can all members ensure that they:

• Do not attend if showing any COVID-19 symptoms;
• Do not attend unless pre-registered and the relevant Covid 19 disclaimer has been agreed (please see further below);
• Perform the workout in groups of no more than 6 and adhere to current Covid guidelines by staying 1-2 metres apart during the course of the session;
• Maintain appropriate distance given when overtaking; and
• Perform a suitable 1-2 mile warm up jog before the session and cool down jog and appropriate post session stretching.

In order to take part in the session you must first read the COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire and Disclaimer (you will need to log in to view).

Once you have read the Disclaimer, to take part in the session please complete the below which will provide the coaches with your name and mobile telephone number for track and trace purposes, and tick to confirm your agreement to the disclaimer.



The current England Athletics guidelines restrict us to 12 persons per coach and as we usually have 2 coaches present we are currently limiting the sessions to 24 people; this will be operated on a first come, first served basis. Once we have reached 24 people, we will operate a waiting list from those who have requested to take part should anyone drop out. We will contact you if you are not in the initial 24 attendees and you will be added to the waiting list unless you advise us otherwise.

After registering if you find that you are no longer able to attend, or your details change after signing up, please notify the coaches so that we can update the information or fill your space from the waiting list.

Maxine and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.




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