Session details for Thursday evening – 200, 400, 600

16 August 2017 - By Becky Grimwood

Details as follows –

Meet at the leisure centre for a briefing at 7:30pm. It is really important we start our briefing and get going on our warm up promptly now, as light is fading and we are running along Blunts Hall road.

Jog to Blunts Hall road (usual tree) and warm ups.

Each effort set comprises –
200m effort out, followed by 20seconds standing recovery
400m effort out, followed by 40 seconds standing recovery
600m effort back to start point, followed by 60 seconds* standing recovery
Then repeat 200, 400, 600, 200……etc

Additional recovery –

If you run the efforts at around 6m/m pace, you will complete approx 5 sets, so take 2 MINUTES recovery after the 3rd set.

If you run the efforts at 8m/m pace, you will complete approx 4 sets, so take 2 MINUTES recovery after the 2nd set.

If you run the efforts at 10m/m pace, you will complete approx 3 sets, and have the option of a 2 MINUTE recovery after each set, but at the least after set 2.

Guidance on pace for efforts –

Ideally, each set of reps, and each distance of the rep (be it 200, 400 or 600) should be run at the same pace. Caution – this is a tough session and you will tire, so start off cautiously with pace. If you want to see how this is not done – see my strava from the recce today (I did this to prove a point, obviously…..ahem…)

Aim for a pace that is faster than your 5k pace, by approx 15-30secs per mile.
Another way to look at this is (if you did the river walk session last week) is to run 15-30secs SLOWER than your pace in that session.
Finally, for those of you not up with your pacing – you want to maintain a pace of about 3-4 words chatter.

Graham will give further details about pacing in the briefing so please ask us then or on the jog if you want some further guidance.

Distance markers will be on the road, and one of us will have a car for valuables and layers. Please bring a drink, it’s going to be warm!

Because this is a new session and we need you to focus a fair bit on your pacing – there will be no technical skills focus. Although….it wouldn’t be a session of mine if I didn’t remind you to keep your head up and drive your arms backward!

Graham and I look forward to seeing you all there.

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