How to programme interval sessions – Garmin

21 November 2017 - By James Crisp

First, you need to have a Garmin Connect account. Other watch brands are available.

Log in here:

Navigate to Training > Workouts.

Select ‘Run’ from the workout types and then click the ‘Create a Workout’ button. You will then see a basic structure for a workout inc. Warm Up, Run and Cool Down. These steps can either be edited or replaced. It’s best to have an idea of what the session structure is going to be before you start. If there is a repeatable element to the workout then select ‘Add a Repeat’ first which becomes a container for the repeatable effort. The efforts are then added into the repeat.

For the purpose of demonstrating the process here is the Race Pace session for this Thursday:

Race Pace – Repeated 10 times.

First 1 min – ‘Steady’ pace
Next 30 secs – ‘Tempo’ pace
Final 30 secs – ‘Race’ pace
1 min standing recovery

So, first of all you need to create a repeat step and change to x10 times. Then add 3 Run steps and a recovery step. These steps will be add beneath the Repeat container which you need to drag into the Repeat container. Each step can be set to Duration, Distance, Lap Buton etc.

Finally, edit the Warm Up and Cool Down steps to Lap Press.

The Race Pace workout should look like this:

Program a Garmin Workout

Once you have created the Workout you will need to sync Garmin Connect with your watch. If you have the Garmin Connect app on your smart phone this is probably the easiest way to transfer the workout to your watch – once the workout has been saved on Garmin Connect if you open the app the workout will appear which you can then sync with your watch.

To being the workout select the Workout from your watch menu. The workout will begin with the Warm up. To finish the Warm Up and move into the session press the lap button again. Once the last repeat of your workout is finished the Cool Down lap will begin until you press the stop button to finish the workout. If you want to pause the work out within the cool down or warm up then select the start/stop button.

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