New Thursday Hills session

1 August 2017 - By James Crisp

This Thursday we are heading to Beeleigh Abbey in Maldon for a new hills training session.

The hill is a 500m steady climb which will provide a good base to improve your lactate threshold*. Uphill efforts will be at your 10k pace with recovery back down ready for the next effort. The session will last for 30 mins. We will have a dynamic warm up before the session and cool down and stretches afterwards at Tesco.

*Your lactate threshold is the point at which your body fatigues when maintaining a steady pace for distances over 10k. Improving your lactate threshold will therefore improve your ability to run faster for longer.

Meeting point:

The meeting point is 7.30pm at Tesco in Maldon by the ‘Click and Collect’ bays. After a run briefing, we will have a warm up jog along the canal towpath towards Beeleigh. This scenic route will take us via Beeleigh Falls and The Abbey. The warmup jog will be approx. 1.2 miles which is just a little further than the warm up to Eastways from Witham leisure centre. If anyone is concerned about the distance for the warm up then feel free to meet us at the session location at approx. 8.00pm.

Any questions or queries then please feel free to contact either myself or Rachel.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Session location:

Abbey Turning, London Road.
Maldon, CM9 6LL

Abbey Turning – session location

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