Just one word…RECOVERY!!

19 June 2016 - By Rachel Pearsons

We love to talk about our training, epic long runs, tough training session, killer track sessions and good stories about what happened on a run. We share our passion with our running friends, who always inspire us and help us push just that little bit harder.


But what are we not good at? The dreaded word – RECOVERY!! Yes, the word is out there!! Without recovery, there’s not much point in doing those epic long runs, tough training sessions, etc. Your body needs time to re-fuel, rest and repair ready for the your next run. Sleeping, relaxing on the sofa, easy run days and low impact cross training will help you reap the benefits of those tough sessions. Your body needs to repair stressed bones, broken-down muscle tissues and exhausted energy systems.


Recovery after a marathon is incredibly important. Not only does resting for seven to ten days have little negative impact on your current fitness levels, the long term advantages are huge. It makes no difference if on race day you smash your PB, hit your target or run/walk, you have still put your body under immense stress and you must recover to become stronger.


There have been many scientific studies that show that marathon training causes skeletal, muscular and cellular damage. Not giving yourself time to recover after a marathon will also damage your immune system, increasing the risk of colds and flus. A suppressed immune system is one of the major causes of over training, therefore skipping a much needed rest period could lead to interrupted training in the months ahead.


So, if you want to significantly reduce the risk of injury and be strong enough for the rest of the season to train for those much desired PB’s, here’s my top ten list of a good recovery plan.


Ten Marathon Recovery tips:

1) Plenty of quality sleep

2) Hydration – keep hydrated but don’t over do it!

3) Nutrition – eat plenty, small and often keeping a good, balanced diet.

4) Massage – go see your physio for a good rub down.

5) Stretching – especially in the first week.

6) Cross Training – gym/swim/cycle – something that isn’t running!!

7) Plan your return to running – reverse taper after 10 days of no running to gradually build yourself back up.

8) Avoid too much alcohol within the first week after the marathon – this dehydrates you very quickly.

9) Never train hard if your muscles ache.

10) Low impact strength training – yoga/swiss ball/pilates.




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