Don’t Flap… use the Lap (Button)

30 March 2018 - By James Crisp

Some of you may still be stopping your interval session efforts after every effort. Therefore, not able to time your rest properly and sometimes creating multiple activities in your Garmin/Strava account.

Fear not, find your lap button. Most GPS watches have them. Garmin (other makes may vary) usually locate the lap button towards the bottom right of your watch face.

To do this you would start/stop your session before the warm up and after the cool down. Then at the end of warm up and start and end of every effort you would press the lap button.

Benefits of using the Lap button

  1. Your activity will split efforts/recoveries down into separate sections in Garmin Connect. If you have a Strava Premium subscription they will also transfer to Strava.
  2. The is an alternative to programming your watch for intervals and the end result is the same for your activity (it just won’t tell you when to start/stop).
  3. Ever wanted to know when your recovery was finished and your ready to run again? Well, if you display your lap timer on your watch face it will count how long your rest/recovery is too.


Example of Lap Button use (Fartlek session)

Here is an example of our Fartlek session from 18th January at Eastways. (2 minutes effort, 1 minute active recovery.)


Garmin Connect (Laps)

Garmin Connect (Laps)


Garmin Connect (Pace/HR Charts)

Garmin Connect (Pace/HR)


Strava Premium (Laps)

Strava Laps


  1. Sue Smith says:

    I use my lap button for every effort session. I’ve just ‘upgraded’ my Garmin and my new Vivoactive3 doesn’t have a lap button. Instead you double press the screen. This doesn’t work reliably in the comfort of my home, it can take several attempts. I can’t see it being any better while I’m out running. Does anyone have this and does it work well in reality?

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