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24 May 2019 - By James Crisp

Running Goals

While hitting the PBs at the height of your training feels great, it’s not always possible to beat your best ever time. Of course, this isn’t everyone’s purpose for training or being part of the running club. Whatever your motivation, be it for fun, for racing, for socials or to allow you to eat more cake, our club provides a great mix for all.

But perhaps you don’t have the motivation to train because you’re not as fast as you once were? It can be a vicous circle… Lack of enthusiasm because not as fast as before can mean lack of motivation to train. Lack of training can lead to not able to achieve your goals.

At WRC our club standards are age-graded and are available to provide you with a target within your current age range. This can provide a good target and benchmark against your peers. However, some of you may want to compare yourselves today, against your age-graded PB.

For example:

Say a runner was F35 (female aged 35-39) and your half marathon PB at that age was 2:05. Outside of the time to qualify for Bronze club standard but still the best time for them. That person is now F45. Not quick enough to beat their PB so how do they stay motivated?

Well don’t lose your mojo! This calculator could be for you…

How it Works:

Based on the same recognised timings that the club standards are based on, this age-graded PB calculator will do the maths for you.

  1. Enter your gender, then your life-time PB (not season’s best) and the age you were when you achieved this.
  2. Enter your age now (be honest! 😉
  3. Your new age-graded target based on your own best achievement will now be displayed.


Whether you use this to set yourself a new goal for a 10k age-graded PB, or just motivation to get out of the door again – Enjoy your running and train safe.

Age Graded PB Calculator

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