Trail Run 15th April – The John Ray Trail – Final Instructions

9 April 2018 - By James Blackshaw

The John Ray Trail Run – 15th of April

The John Ray Trail is a scenic 10 mile route from Braintree to Witham, travelling through the Notleys, Cressing, Silver End & Rivenhall. It is approximately 90% on trail, and without any climbs or hills of any significance.

This is the first of our WRC trail runs, and is open to everybody. The pace of the run will be decided on the day, depending on who shows up. If there is a natural split of abilites then we can run in groups and use the trail notes/GpX provided.

Meet at 9:00am at the ’50p Car Park’ in White Horse Lane (just opposite Morrison’s) and from there we will walk up to Witham Station to get the 9:25am train to Braintree Station (£4.60 for a ticket). There is engineering work this weekend, but it shouldn’t affect our journey.

Obviously it’s been fairly wet recently, but does look like it’s meant to clear up towards the end of the week, and a sunny 17 degrees on Sunday. Trail shoes would be preferable, but road shoes will also do the job (as long as you don’t mind a little mud on them). Apart from that, just dress appropriately for the weather, and bring any drinks/snacks.

If we end running in one group, then you won’t have to worry about the navigation, as I’ll be leading us. However, if we split into groups then I have provided both written trail notes and a GpX file (both at the bottom of this post), to aid the navigation along the trail. I have tried to make the trail notes quite descriptive (normal trail notes can be a bit like decoding the Matrix), so hopefully no-one should get lost. If your Garmin has navigation built in, please feel free to upload the GpX file. Even if your Garmin doesn’t have the navigation ability built in, but you’d like to try it, you may be able to download an app called DW Maps, and then upload the GpX. If you need further assistance with anything to do with the GpX file, please contact me through here or on Facebook.

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Look forward to seeing you there.




John Ray Trail GpX File

John Ray  Trail Instructions


  1. Bill Smythe says:

    Hi James, looking forward to this. Have you got any instructions going from witham to Braintree, need to do 18 Sunday so was thinking of running and meeting you in Braintree.

  2. James Blackshaw James Blackshaw says:

    Hi Bill, I haven’t done any notes for Witham to Braintree, but knowing you’ve got a Fenix 3, you could use the navigation on your watch? 🙂

  3. Bill Smythe says:

    Thanks mate, will sort that out.

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