Planned Trail Long Run – 14 May

3 May 2017 - By James Crisp

For those of you who like trail running as an alternative to pounding the tarmac we are arranging an alternative long run for Sunday 14 May.

There are 2 route options both leaving the centre of Chelmsford running back to either Witham or Heybride Basin along the Chelmer & Blackwater River.


The plan is to take a train from Witham station at 8am to Chelmsford. The route then starts from Chelmsford station and heads across town to pick up the river the other side of Meadows Shopping Centre. From here it’s trail route all the way.


Option 1:

17.3 miles back to Witham Station. Strava route.

Option 2:

13.8 miles to Heybridge Basin. (For this option you will need to arrange a lift back home.) Strava route.

At the moment there are few of us running at 8:30 m/mile pace so we’ll try and stick together to allow easier navigation, but if there are other paces required I will write up the directions depending on your route.


Please reply if you are interested in running and I’ll organise the rest.

For info this is the same day as Baddow 10.




  1. James Crisp James Crisp says:

    Interested: Brigid Wallen, Scott Darney, Sean Darney, Charlotte Elms, Andrew Lager, Ross Henderson, Hayley Ellen, James Crisp.

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