Thursday Session 13/11 – 300s

It’s fast 300s on the schedule for our Thursday club session.

This takes down the effort distance a notch or two from recent Thursday sessions but a good opportunity after those XCs, longer intervals and the 5k to stay sharp at this time of year and work on shorter distance speed, technique and burn off a few calories before the deluge coming up.

We’ll head off to our usual spot at Eastways where we’ll finish off our warm up with some dynamic stretches and drills. The plan is to to run fast 300m efforts, so after the warm ups we’ll move up the road a bit to a new staging post which is the entrance to the Baird/Witham Maltings on Eastways which we’ve nearly all run past or stopped next to at some time or other on previous efforts sessions.

The 300m sections will be out and back in two directions, one out along Eastways to the footbridge crossing, with a further 300m back after recovery, and the other back towards our usual meeting/warm up point near the large All Clear skip (got to give our sponsor a mention) and back again – we hope to have the distance measured and marked for the session.

Phew, so now that’s clear, let’s move on to the efforts – we’ll break it down into 3 blocks of 10 minutes of fast 300s.

Static/just moving recoveries between each 300 will be between 45 seconds and 75 seconds depending on your usual pace group or approximate 5k speed.

After the first two blocks, there will be a 2 minute static/just moving recovery.
So the session main part should last around 35ish minutes.

In terms of pacing and technical points, more on these at our session briefing at Witham Leisure Centre.

While you’re doing the session we’ll have somewhere for those clothing layers, drinks whatever etc.

Looking forward to meeting up with everyone Thursday. DJ & Karen.