WRC Awards 2023 – have your say

1 February 2023 - By Rachel O'Leary

We are now just a couple of weeks away from our annual Awards Dinner on 25th February. Tickets are only on sale until the 8th Feb, so if you haven’t bought tickets already, don’t delay! They are available from the members area of the site.

If you are new to the club, the awards dinner is an opportunity for us to get together (in something other than running gear!) and celebrate the fantastic achievements of all our members throughout the year.

We present awards for a variety of different categories, but it is fair to say that many of them are focused on performance. While this is to be expected of a running club, we would also like to recognise the many other achievements of our members that don’t relate to finishing times. With this in mind, the less performance based awards are returning this year and we would like to invite our members to make nominations.

Categories are:

Most Supportive

This could be a running buddy, a regular spectator at an event, a partner who helps you to achieve your goals, or any other supportive member.

Memorable Moment

Do you remember an epic face plant, a funny wardrobe malfunction, or has Sue Shippey dropped the F-Bomb again? Lets hear about it. Remember that the award has to go to a person, so make sure you tell us who the situation relates to.

Coach of the Year

All of our coaching team are fantastic, but is there one person who goes above and beyond, gives you the most useful feedback, or whose sessions are consistently your favourites? We want to hear about them.

Most tardy

Who would you never place as the first runner of a relay or the person who is always sprinting to catch up with their Tuesday night group? Spill the “Tea”

“Wing it on the day” runner

Best intentions, terrible delivery. Who is the worst person at following a training plan?

(Health and Safety Disclaimer: Witham Running Club does not condone attempting a race without being properly prepared but do it badly enough and you might get an award 😉 )

Most Injured

“I would fall 500 miles and I would fall 500 more”. This nominee is frequently seen limping back from yet another fall or has become this years best supporter as they couldn’t even attempt the run.

To nominate a member, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this post. Your nominations will be anonymous, but we ask for your name so we can contact you for further info if we need it.

The Committee will vote on the nominations and winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner on 25th February.

The person you are nominating must be a member of the club and as wonderful as you all are, you cannot nominate yourself.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 25th!

Award Nominations
Please give as much detail as you can!
Nominations will be anonymous - this is just in case we need to contact you for more details.

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