Western Arms Trail 4.8M

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Mile 1

Turn right out of pub into Western Lane & follow to end of road.

Through gate & onto gravel path.

Turn left at end of gravel path onto main grass path up to T junction. (0.4 miles)

Turn right & follow field edge to corner, turn left & follow track to end. 1 mile. (Ignore footpath on left at 0.7 miles)

Mile 2

Turn left onto gravel track & turn left after roller.

Follow track with hedge & ditch on left.

Veer left & follow track.

Turn right & follow track, Hedge on R/H side. (1.4 miles)

Turn right then left onto John Ray Walk. (1.6 miles)

Mile 3

Stay on path to end. (2.4 miles)

Turn left onto footpath at ‘Flowers Towers’ (2.6 miles)

Continue straight past gate & follow gravel track, Woods on L/H side.

Continue straight through gap in hedges & ** (see note for option) turn left then right (Field edge L/H & Hedge R/H)

Mile 4

Turn right into woods (2nd turning. NOT over small bridge) 3.3 miles.

Veer right & exit woods (3.4 miles)

Turn left at field edge, Field L/H side & Hedge R/H side (3.8 miles)

Mile 5

Cross small wooden bridge (4 miles)

Turn left at footpath sign, through gate & cross field, Through gap.

Turn right (4.4 miles)

Follow track & turn right up to gate & back to pub. (4.8 miles)