The Ship Tiptree

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  1. Turn left out of The Ship car park and follow the road until The New Times pub, turn right at the junction onto Station Road. (0.5miles)
  1. Continue to the top of Station Road and X road at the junction onto Chapel Road. (0.86miles).
  1. Follow the road until Grove Road and turn left. (1.45miles). Continue until the bend into the road turns into Kiltie Road, BARE RIGHT onto Grove Road down the lane. (1.65miles).
  1. Continue along the lane until the junction. At the Diversion sign, follow the road round to the left and up to the junction of Grove Road. Turn right at the junction continuing up Grove Road (2.35miles).
  1. Follow the road to the end at the junction of Church Road. Turn right and continue up Church Road to the Factory Shop opposite. Turn right at the Factory Shop to the Maypole Restaurant (2.65miles).
  1. At the Maypole, turn left up Oak Road (3.1miles). At the top of Oak Road, turn left back down to the factory shop. (3.3miles).
  1. At the Factory Shop, cross the road and head down Maldon Road (BEWARE OF THE DARK AS 5 STREETLIGHTS ARE OUT). (3.8miles). Continue down Maldon Road back to The Ship carpark (4.8miles).