Rayne, Swan pub run – 5 miles

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With the pub behind you, cross the road into the park, entrance is on the corner near the traffic lights

Pass play equipment, along the right-hand side of the field, pass BMX ramps, bear right into gravel car park, in corner enter Flitch Way, immediate right – 0.2 miles

Under bridge then straight ahead through barriers – 0.4

Pass train carriage and café and straight ahead up Flitch Way (FW) – 0.5

Through barriers and straight ahead up FW – 0.8

Over bridge and then bear left on diversion path, over road, back down to FW – 1.2

At cross roads (sign marker says “Graunts Court” sign may still be missing use mileage) turn left with footpath sign, away from named sign – 1.8

Follow footpath along right hand field edge to field corner with white pole with red top – 2.0

Straight ahead into next field towards white cottage and power line- long grass on path

Exit field, bear left under power line, pass white cottage (Slough House) on unmade road – beware speed bumps – 2.3

At tarmac road junction, turn left, pass thatched house and follow road – 2.5

Stay on this road, ignore turnings on right, through “Bartholomew Green”

At T junction with “Midsummer House” turn left on “School Road” – 3.7

Straight over bridge – 4.3

At bend, turn left through white gates and immediately right onto FW near train – 4.5

Follow FW, through barriers, under bridge and turn left into gravel car park – 4.9

Pass BMX ramps, keep play equipment on left, out of park to pub – 5.0 miles