Queen’s Head Trail (D’Arcy)

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Mile 1

Turn left out of the pub, crossing the road when the pavement ends (but still heading in the same direction).

Cross the road again outside the Indian restaurant and turn left into Tollesbury Road. (0.1 miles)

Continue on Tollesbury Road until you are past all the houses, being careful on last section where there is no footpath. (0.5 miles)

Turn left at Springfields sign. (0.6 miles)

Dogleg immediately left then right to get on trail rather than track.

Follow trail round to left, then take next right. (0.7 miles)

Turn left to go over footbridge. (0.8 miles)

Turn right over stile. (0.9 miles)

Mile 2

Follow trail until stile, then head left.

Dog leg to the right then left, running under overhead cables.

Continue under next set of overhead cables.

Bear right with trail, then follow round to left (1.5 miles)

When you can see Mersea Island in distance, turn right. (1.6 miles)

Continue ahead along trail, aiming between two large buildings.

Mile 3

Cross Tollesbury Road (careful!), and continue along Prentice Hall Ln,

Follow road to the right and the left. W2.4 miles)

Turn right at Footpath sign, crossing farmers field. (2.5 miles)

Continue along trail, field to the left, trees and bushes to the right.

Cross footbridge, and turn left, then dog leg right then left, then turn right, heading along reasonably obvious trail. (2.8 mile)

Mile 3

At end of trail turn right, onto wide track. (Pages Lane) (3.2 miles)

Continue alongs Pages Lane, turning left immediately after you pass White House Farm on left. (White House Farm isn’t white). Make sure you turn left before white cottage (which is white) (3.6 miles)

Follow track for around one-third of a mile, then follow round to the left, and then the right.

After 20ish metres, turn right. (4.0 miles) Don’t miss this turning, or you’ll be lost forever and they’ll never find the bodies.

Mile 4

Continue on with farmer’s field to your right, heading sort of downhill.

At the bottom of the hill, follow round to the right, then the left, and cross footbridge. (4.3 miles)

Turn left after footbridge

Turn right (4.4 miles) heading slightly up hill.

Bear left at top, joining another track (4.7 miles)

Follow track, following it round to the left, until you come to main road. (4.9 miles)

Turn right, running in the road along right hand side, until you can swap to other side of road and run on pavement.

Keep going on pavement until you end up back at the pub.