Maltings Route E

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1.    Turn Right out of the school up Spa road.
2.    Across Spa Road roundabout, right into Honeysuckle, right into Bramble and back to spa road roundabout.
3.    Left down Powers Hall end/Chipping Hill. Left at the roundabout towards Morrisons.
4.    Right into Cypress road to the railway footbridge.
5.    Over the footbridge, left onto Eastways, then right at the end of Eastways onto Colchester road.
6.    Along Colchester road, left down the Grove past Tescos and left onto Maldon Road.
7.    Turn Right on Lawrence Avenue, take care crossing the traffic lights back to the School.

Short option 4.8m:

Follow points 1-5
6. Along Colchester road, down Newlands St then right into Spinks and back to the School.

Long option: 6.3m

Follow points 1-6
7.    Turn right up Maltings, all the way up to the Spar (Jack and Jenny), turn right back down Hatfield Road, left into Spinks and back to the School.