Hurdlemakers Arms trail

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Hurdlemakers Arms Trail – 5.3 miles


R – Right         TR – Turn Right          RHFE – Right hand field edge   FB – Footbridge

L – Left            TL – Turn Left             LHFE – Left hand field edge      RD – Road

X – Cross        FC – Field Corner       WP – Waymarked post               SA – Straight Ahead

EP – Enclosed Path  FSD – For Some Distance   FP – Finger post     KG – Kissing gate




1 – TR from pub car park.  TL at T junction.  XRD and TL on grass verge. XRD at ‘Rock Cottage’ continuing on verge.  TL at ‘Brookmead Cottages’ (FPS).  At end of track TR onto footpath, R of garage.  XFB, XST, XST.  TR on road.  At T Junction XRD (CARE) and SA into EP.  Follow EP R and L.  X Field (3/4L).  TL onto gravel track, TL onto Road.


2 – XRD (CARE) into Lodge Road.  In 50 yds, TR onto footpath (FP), thru gate continuing on EP.  XST and TL onto LHFE.  X Field.  XST.


3- X Field, XST and TL to road.  TR on road.  SA into Hazeleigh Hall drive.  TL at house keeping railings on L.  Follow path to R.  Thru KG. X Field.  X FB and TL on EP.  Follow path ignoring paths to L & R.


4- Continue on EP.  In 300yds, TL at Xing, down steps.  XFB to RHFE, becomes track.  As track bends R, continue SA X’ing field on telegraph pole path.  TR at 3rd pole, following path.  X FB and TL on gravel track.  Ignore path joining on R.  Pass metal barrier and TL on road.


5- in 200yds, TR into EP, becomes LHFE.  X gap & XFB onto LHFE.  TR and L at field corners.  At field corner, XFB into enclosed path.  Thru gap onto LHFE.  In FC, thru gap onto LHFE.  In field corner, thru gap & TR onto enclosed path.  XRD, Thru gate & X Field.


6- XST & XFB into EP, becomes RHFE, becomes EP, becomes gravel track.  TL at road and follow back to the pub.