Weekend results

27 June 2016 - By Marc Underdown

Nine of the club members crossed the Strood to take part in the ‘Round the island’ race at Mersea yesterday. Most of them did it for an enjoyable long run route so the times don’t reflect race times. The distance was 13.4 miles allowing for erosion diversions and trying to find the best route along the beaches.

Mark Austin 61 1.53:23
James Crisp 66 1.54:30
Bill Smythe 86 1.58.24
Rachael Crisp 182 2.24:32
Emma Sweeney 184 2.24:35
Annabelle Reed 187 2.25:35
Becky Grimwood 188 2.25:35
Dawn Shilling 195 2.27:48
Jo Smythe 217 2.35:48


WRC Mersea round the island

Elsewhere, Paul Thomas and Steve Hennings ran the Steeple Bumpstead 10K. From what I’ve seen, this was a borderline cross country race and was probably muddier than some of the courses we did in the winter! Steve finished in 51:15 and Paul finished in 52:53.

Mark Lynch and Ross Silverton seemed to form a double act over the weekend, with both of them running the Pleshey Friday 5 and then the Horndon on the Hill 10K on Sunday. Mark’s times were 35:27 and 43:53 respectively, and Ross’s were 40:17 and 50:45. Elsewhere in the Pleshey 5, Angie and Nick Manley ran 38:02 and 38:05, and Kim Farren ran 44:41

Well done everyone!


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    51:15 Marc

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