Weekend Race Results

20 May 2018 - By Steve Hennings

Another busy weekend of racing for WRC.

Braintree 5

The first Club Champs 5 mile race of the year had 14 members tackling the warm, rolling course with a good number of PBs. Steve Watson was the first member home.

Big thanks to Tracy Denby and Rob Grimwood for the vocal support – quiet as ever!!

Braintree 5
Steve Watson 00:33:45
Simon Scott 00:33:59
Kevin Harper 00:35:00
Steve Hennings 00:36:50 PB
Danny Connor 00:37:12 PB
Gerry Greenwold 00:37:31 PB
Lee Blake 00:38:38 PB
Geoff Reddin 00:40:21
Carina Taylor 00:40:33
Anthony Smith 00:42:40
Becky Grimwood 00:43:09
Karen Flowers 00:44:51 PB
Ross Silverton 00:45:23
Martina Hennings 00:48:06

YMCA North London 10k, Crouch End

David & Anita Grainger headed to beautiful Crouch End for a hot, hilly and challenging 10k. Everyone completing the race got a donut at the end, which is a novelty.

YMCA North London 10k
David Grainger 00:54:18
Anita Grainger 00:56:36

Colchester Zoo Stampede 10k

Having been delayed due to the snow earlier this year, the Colchester Zoo Stampede 10k finally got underway today with some very noisy support given by the Meerkats. Apparently they’d all been getting tanked up since early morning, and had a little too much sun already when the runners came past. Their rowdy behaviour did not put off the 7 members running today, with new member Helen Came first WRC member over the line.

Colchester Zoo Stampede 10k
Helen Came 00:54:40
Ben Miller 00:58:00
Vicky Levine 00:59:12
Lesley-Anee house 01:00:54
Emma Inns 01:08:03
Elizabeth Prior 01:10:31
Paula Edwards 01:22:31

Boxted 10k

With its 1st running, Sylvie Bullen Bell was despatched to Boxted to represent Witham RC, reporting back that it was little hot, 50% off road but had a fabulous medal!!

Boxted 10k
Sylvie Bullen Bell 01:04:28

Hard Way Half Marathon – Isle of Portland

There is a clue in the name of the race, but that didn’t put Dave Holdich off travelling to Portland to tackle this mainly offroad beast with around 450m of climbing, coming home in a very creditable time

Hard Way Half Marathon – Isle of Portland
Dave Holdich 02:18:00

Well run everyone!!

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