Trailscape Marathon Wendover

8 March 2016 - By Marc Underdown

Terry Alabaster took on this trail marathon over the weekend and this is his summary:

“The course was two half marathon loops run over the Chiltern hills. As you can imagine it was therefore very hilly which along with being very muddy made it very tough. It was snowing until half hour before the start and during the run had the joy of rain and sleet.

I finished 31st out of 72 starters in a personal worst of 5.45.50. To  put my time into perspective only 16 runners finished under 5 hours and 14 others did not finish.

Never had as many never again moments in a race.”

Glutton for punishment Terry, but well done!


  1. Brigid Wallen says:

    Well done Terry although you’re not selling this trail running malarky to me very well!!

  2. James Crisp James Crisp says:

    Well done Terry – you certainly know how to pick ’em!

  3. David Howard Dave Howard says:

    Speaking as one of the not so prime (and I use the word loosely) athletes in the club, there is no such thing as a personal worst Terry. If this was the first time on this course it’s a PB, 2nd time 2nd fastest etc. Great Effort, keep it up.

  4. Terry Alabaster Terry Alabaster says:

    Thanks for the kind words above. I really enjoyed running a pb on the
    marathon course at Wendover.
    50k on the 19th March on a new course for me in the New Forest. Bring on another pb. I like these rules Dave.

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