Stour Valley Marathon Results

7 June 2016 - By Heydon mizon

Brigid mentioned that a run report would be useful. Well here it is, stay awake at the back….

T’was a cool morning with the smell of coffee replacing the more usual smell of deep heat. It was so cool in fact that Brigid was searching for her running gloves, we did however wisely applied Kids Factor 50 sun cream and by 10.30 the sunshine was in full effect without a cloud in the sky.

4 WRC members were running, Brigid was enjoying her first trail marathon and preparing for an epic SVP 100 later this year, Cameron having acclimatised himself to the heat of Halsted was firing on all cylinders and James Farren had a gentle (for him) run/jog/ walk day out with 6 friends.

Trail runs tend to be 15%-25% slower than road runs (that’s our excuse anyway!) and this one had a nice challenge of being unmarked with abbreviated written directions, which still ended with me at a dead end and lost at one point. One of us (Cameron!) decided that this wasn’t hard enough for him and so he left without any instructions! – Thankfully he made it back in one piece.

The trails were lovely, taking in some of the prettiest routes that Essex/ Suffolk have to offer. The route was over three footpath networks, Essex Way, St Edmunds Way and Stour Valley Path. Whilst pretty, the terrain was also tough in places, some fields had been ploughed deeply perpendicular to the route we needed to take, the grass was knee deep at times and there was deep, wet, mud to greet us at mile 20. There were about 4000 stiles and plenty of undulation (I typed mountains first but decided better of it- ha ha). Total elevation gain was 1212 feet but it always feels like more at the time.

The atmosphere throughout was friendly and relaxed with any profit being donated to charity. I was delighted, thanks for Martyn’s coaching, to better my previous run by over 8 minutes and finish in third position this year.

Brigid said of her run…
“I ran with a runner from a local club who was a seasoned trail runner and she would be my guide for the day.

The first lap was 14.5 miles where most of the hills were. The second loop, although slightly shorter, had fewer hills but they seemed much longer (or was it my mind playing tricks?)
Unfortunately, my running buddy had knee problems around 16 miles so the last 10 became a run/walk.

We crossed the line in 5:00.25 maybe not what I was hoping for but I can honestly say I really enjoyed the day and am now converted to trail runs. Today was low-key but so well organised; cheerful marshals on all checkpoints well stocked with jelly babies, fruit juice and Jaffa cakes

Great to see Andy and Brigid Lager on the bridge by The Anchor in Nayland just a short run in from the finish. Thanks for your support”

Finish times – Unconfirmed
Heydon Mizon -3.39.16
Cameron Steed- 4.37.52
Brigid Wallen- 5.00.25
James Farren-5.07


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