Stebbing 10 results

10 November 2015 - By James Crisp

Race Results Marc writes “We had a great turnout of runners at the Stebbing 10 race on Sunday. It marked the final race in the Essex Grand Prix Championship and more of that to come.

The conditions were good but not as warm as predicted thankfully. The farm track doesn’t get any easier and I’m told the wind seemed to pick up through there. It didn’t seem to stop some fine performances. It was the first race since joining the club for Dan Berry, and I also believe another one of our new runners, Mike Watkins was also taking part (haven’t picked up your time yet). Looks like there were some close battles amongst our runners!

For Leo and Bill, they are only two of 11 people across the whole county to have taken part in all the Essex Championship races, so a big well done to you. In the race itself Brigid picked up the county bronze medal in her age group. And with the final results in, the overall winners of the grand prix are known. Take a bow Brigid and Donna for picking up Gold and Silver respectively in the female 45-54 age category. Other notable positions were Leo and Pete Riley finishing 5th and 6th in the MV40 category, and Ross Silverton for 6th in the MV60 category.

A huge congratulations to Brigid and Donna. All the results for Stebbing are below.

Name Time
Pete Riley 01:03:55
Leo Cole 01:05:30
Dan Berry 01:10:14
Mark Austin 01:10:38
Bill Smythe 01:11:42
Alex Stuckey 01:12:57
Tony Wallen 01:14:08
Brigid Wallen 01:14:43
Mark Lynch 01:14:48
James Montgomery 01:15:21
Liz Stuckey 01:17:05
Donna Morris 01:18:38
Dave Smith 01:18:49
David Hunt 01:19:01
Shelley Enders 01:21:43
Ross Silverton 01:22:42
Colleen Rae 01:23:52
Anita Grainger 01:24:50
James Crisp 01:26:02
Rachel Crisp 01:26:02
Rachel Pearsons 01:27:33
Becky Barnes 01:32:27
Jo Smythe 01:36:41
Joanne Cardy 01:43:10
Donna Silverback 01:43:48

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