South of England cross country championships

29 January 2018 - By Terry Alabaster

On Saturday keith taylor and I ran in the south of england cross country championships held at Stanmer Park in Brighton.

The mens distance 15km (9 3/8 miles) the course consisted of a short lap then 3 laps of aprox 3 miles each. Each lap has two major hills, one of which is tough and the other can only be described as back-breaking.

Keith managed to run a large part of the hills, where as I knew after first 20 yards or so of the first hill the rest would be walkers. The plan of action before hand was to get round without getting injured. We ran consistantly starting near the back running near the back and finishing near the back. I know I ran 10 minutes and a bit slower than my previous race on the same course and Keith finished 716 place and I finished in 731 place. I think the toughness of the course wasn‘t helped by the fact it rained the entire time we were there.

We have two runners running in the national at Parliament Hill in February… good luck to them running in the mud.


  1. Brigid Wallen says:

    Well done both of you – good to see WRC represented at the Southerns.

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