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1 February 2022 - By James Blackshaw



NESS XC – Harwich – 4th Fixture

Another great turnout for WRC at the 4th and penultimate fixture of the season.  48 members turned out for this event hosted by Harwich Runners (spoiler alert: it was nowhere near Harwich). We remain in 4th place with the final fixture on the 20th of February in Hadleigh (Spoiler alert: it’s nowhere near Hadleigh in Essex). Special mention of Andy Notley who ran 3 miles to XC, ran the course (coming in as our 6th male), and then ran 24 miles home, completing 32 miles in total for the day!


Runner Club Position
Vicki Riley Witham 21
Angela Wray Witham 23
Liz Stuckey Witham 24
Sharon Read Witham 36
Lindsey Morgan Witham 48
Rachel Dingley Witham 55
Fiona Collins Witham 59
Anita Grainger Witham 67
Samantha Martin Witham 72
Sarah Naughton Witham 75
Clarice Sanderson Witham 81
Lysia Jiggins Witham 82
Dawn Shilling Witham 83
Celine Elson Witham 90
Karen Flowers Witham 93
Kerry Townsend Witham 107



Runner Club Position
Peter  Coates Witham 2
Heydon Mizon Witham 11
Matt Rees Witham 22
Chris Martin Witham 23
Damien Walsh Witham 31
Andrew Notley Witham 47
Owen Dare Witham 48
Leo Cole Witham 51
Peter  Riley Witham 61
Scott Darney Witham 63
Adam Salkeld Witham 66
Mark Austin Witham 73
James Blackshaw Witham 83
Thomas Ashley Witham 96
Simon Scott Witham 100
Rob Frost Witham 106
Clive Smith Witham 119
James Attenborough Witham 123
Dean Whittaker Witham 124
Ben O’Leary Witham 127
Alex Stuckey Witham 134
Terry Alabaster Witham 142
David  Jobling Witham 150
Nicholas Looby Witham 154
Geoffery Reddin Witham 156
Graham Eyre Witham 159
Andy White Witham 160
Andrew Read Witham 163
Ian Lucas Witham 167
Shane Ketteridge Witham 173
Anthony Smith Witham 175
Paul Jiggins Witham 185


South Essex XC Championship

We had a few members at this event, but no results available ATOW, so will catch up with this one next week.


Maverick XC – New Forest 

Rachel Dingley was at this 20km XC race with her Canis familiaris on Saturday, and the pair completed the course in 1:53:09. Good work!


Great work everyone!


Thought for the week: “Honey is the tastiest of all the insect vomits we have tried so far.”


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