Results w/e 02/05/2022

3 May 2022 - By James Blackshaw

Mayday 10

We had 8 runners at our very own Mayday 10 race yesterday, and some excellent performances. Simon Cresswell hit yet another PB and Gold Standard performance, while Lysia achieved the bronze standard for her time. Please note that the Mayday 10 is not part of the club champs, so let me know if you wish to use your result as a wilcard, then send me a carrier pigeon.

27 Andrew Smith 01:00:59
34 Pete Riley 01:01:54
49 Simon Cresswell 01:05:04
51 Leo Cole 01:05:08
121 Andy Watson 01:13:51
225 Lysia 01:25:12
227 Darryl Selmes 01:25:40
288 Ross Silverton 01:37:51


Milton Keynes Marathon

Clive Smith and Sharon Bullock were at this. According to Sharon’s profile she ran like a “Tw@t” (we can safely assume that @=i), but still managed a highly respectable 4:07. Meanwhile, Clive negative splitted* his way to the a sub 4 PB in 3:58:55. Great work both!

*from the verb to negative split – “He negative splits”, They’ve negative splat”, etc.


Birmingham HM

Celine Elson shaved the sides and back of her hair, and donned a flat cap*, as she headed up to Birmingham for this half marathon, finishing in a highly impressive 2:17:07.

*other Brummy cliches are available, but I’ve just crammed all 6 series, so there you go.


Dean Whittaker

Dean gets an entire title to himself this weekend.

On Sunday he took part in his first sprint triathlon, and finished the lot in 1:35:12.

Not content with that, he offed himself to London yesterday for the Vitality 10k, and completed it in 48:32.

Excellent efforts Deano!


Vitality 10K

Also at this event was Steven Alder, who completed the run in 59:16. Good work Steven.



Thought for the week: “Pigs don’t sweat”

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