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25 July 2022 - By James Blackshaw

Writtle Wround

WRC were 9 deep at this increasingly popular local 50km ultra, with the team embracing the heat to wriggle their way around Writtle. Strong performances throughout, but shout out to Andrew Smith, finishing as 3rd male and 4th overall.

Position Name Run Time
4 Andrew Smith 5:26:57
29 Adam Regan 7:01:16
30 Elizabeth Prior 7:01:19
33 Rachel Dingley 7:30:05
34 James Attenborough 7:30:07
38 Lysia Jiggins 7:45:33
46 Nick Looby 7:57:42
60 Andrew Read 9:16:08
61 Clarice Sanderson# 9:16:10


Life’s A Beach

Natalie Lilley was at this 6 hour run in Holland-on-Sea, and finished in joint 2nd place with 22.96 miles. Great work!



Thought for the week: “Everyone sets their car air con to such a low temperature, that if it actually was that cold you’d put the heating on”

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