Results 03/10/22

3 October 2022 - By James Blackshaw

London Marathon

The biggest day in the UK running calendar, the big one in the Big Smoke. Fantastic performances from all our members on a day with pretty decent conditions, but outstanding performances from both Pete Coates and the Heydonator, both PBing, and both breaking club records. Incredible stuff.

Position Name Time Comment
78 Peter Coates 02:30:02 PB & Club Record
459 Heydon Mizon 02:43:35 PB & Club Record
897 Sean Darney 02:51:26
1324 Chris Martin 02:56:34
1558 Pete Banks 02:58:22 PB
1962 Charlie Pridmore 03:02:35
11229 Kerry Townsend 05:21:01 PB
20697 Kevin Slattery 05:29:45
12373 Haydeh Safavi 05:33:35

Colchester Stampede Half Marathon

I’ve made about as many running/animal puns about this race as I can over the last few years, so just the results today.

Pos Name Chip Time
83 RUPERT BULGIN 01:44:49
48 LYSIA JIGGINS 02:02:24
54 ANNALISE TYE 02:05:59
310 PAUL JIGGINS 02:41:00


Silveroon Canicross 5k

Three of our ladies and their trusty canines were at this 5km race at Boreham. Can’t find the finishing positions, but Rachel & Lola finished in 26:11, Clarice & Stanley in 30:20, and Lysia and Finn in 34:28. Pick the bones out of that.


Wheatibix Trails

A two day event from the Essex Trail Event guys, and Terry Alabaster was our sole participant. He came an incredible 1st on the first day, completing the 7.5 mile course in 1:00:56, and came 9th on day 2, finishing the 6.8 mile trail in 1:06:07 (Though he added a mile on just for fun).



Thought For The Week: “The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.”

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