Prefect conditions at Eton Dorney Triathlon

14 August 2017 - By James Montgomery

On Sunday, three members of WRC took part in the Eton Dorney Triathlon. Liz Stuckey, Carina Taylor and Lee Blake were all competing in the Standard Distance event. For Liz, this was going to be her final Tri of the year, for Carina and Lee, this was a step-up in distance since only having competed in sprint distance events until now.

The course was fast and flat but a little short on the normal “standard” of 1500 meters swim, 40kms bike and 10kms run, however, the weather was perfect with little or no wind and with the early start at 07:15, a nice temperature and they all took advantage of the conditions and raced hard.

The water was warm and pleasant and the times reflected the good conditions. Predictably, Carina was out of the water first followed by Liz a couple of minutes later and Lee a few seconds further back, hard on Liz’s heels.

All had good transitions and were out on to the flat and closed roads 8 lap bike course. Liz caught Carina on lap 5 and Lee on Lap 7.

Back through transition and out on to the two laps flat run course where all put in a strong run to the finish line, with Liz putting in a stunning performance to win her age group and finish 4th overall female and in their debut at the distance, both Carina and Lee showing real potential by finishing 3rd and 4th in their age groups respectively and Carina also finishing well in the overall as 6th female.

Well done all – a great day’s racing!

Liz (4th Overall Female, 1st in age group)
Swim:    00:23:47
bike:    01:10:42
Run:     00:42:59
Overall: 02:19:46

Lee  (47th overall male, 4th in age group)
Swim:    00:23:56
bike:    01:12:17
Run:     00:48:15
Overall: 02:27:29

Carina (6th Female, 3rd in age group)
Swim:    00:21:33
bike:    01:18:43
Run:     00:52:08
Overall: 02:32:55

Smiles all round before the start.

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