Portsmouth Coastal waterside marathon

22 December 2015 - By Marc Underdown

As most of you will know, five ladies from the club made a trip down to the south coast to run a festive marathon. Donned in elf outfits, Emma, Jo, Becky, Clare and Tracey very much looked the part, and even the support from Bill, Mark and Rob included some festive attire.

I caught up with Tracey yesterday who said that parts of the route were like cross country, and some of the pictures of the footwear I’ve seen back this up. They treated this very much as a fun run, and they all safely finished in around 5h27m, and then set about duly celebrating their achievements. They have all been raising money for charity, and I know they have received great support. However if anyone would still like to sponsor them, the link is: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/wrcgirls

The best bit in my opinion is that the medal doubles up as a bottle opener – genius idea!!!

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

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