Hadleigh 53-12 Cross Country senior results

26 January 2016 - By Marc Underdown

On Sunday, we had a good turnout of runners for the fourth race in this season’s 53-12 cross country league. The first challenge was getting to the race, as I suspect the one day road closure on the main way into Hadleigh took them by surprise. Thanks to Anita for posting a detour on the WRC FB site, and the race organisers got on top of the emerging issue by putting the race start times back.

The course is one of the tougher races in the calendar with two short but very steep uphill sections which we tackled twice, but thankfully it was a little firmer (relatively speaking!) than last year. We went into the race with a one point advantage at the top of Pool B, with Halstead hot on our heels. With some strong performances all round, we were first in both the Pool B men and ladies races, and with Tiptree pushing Halstead back into third, we extended our lead to three points going into the last two races.

Both Pete Riley and James Crisp recorded their highest finishing positions to help towards a low total for the men, and likewise Liz set a best finishing position to put a low score together for the ladies with Vicky the other scorer. Other runners outside of our scoring positions will have made a difference to the result by pushing other teams counting scorers back. It was great to have David and Vicky Hunt taking on their first cross country race in Witham vests, and it also appears as though Big Dave has got a taste for the muddy stuff after Benfleet last week!

I had to rush off, but I gather there was some fine cake to start replenishing the calories lost on the course. Thanks also to Stewart and Colesy for supporting, though the top of the hill was not a good spot if you want pictures with people smiling in them! All the pictures are in the gallery section.

Men Position
Peter Riley 16
James Crisp 29
Chris Martin 33
Scott Darney 56
Marc Underdown 61
Stuart Mills 76
Simon Scott 78
David Hunt 81
Lee Pembroke 92
Tony Wallen 96
James Blackshaw 98
James Kennerley 102
Bill Smythe 103
Alex Stuckey 116
David Jobling 132
David Howard 152


Ladies Position
Liz Stuckey 12
Vicky Hunt 21
Brigid Wallen 23
Anita Grainger 50
Dawn Shilling 60
Tracey Denby 67


  1. David Howard David Howard says:

    I was going to say never again, but I said that after my 1st Berlin Marathon. I’m doing my 15th consecutive one in September. Never say Never ?.

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