Felsted 10k It’s all about the Greens and Undulations!

10 July 2016 - By Anita Grainger

WRC team post race29 club members ventured over to Felsted to run in this morning’s 10k. The weather was unusually cloudy although still humid and we did have the beginnings of rain at the end. The downpoor post race would have been more welcome during the race.

The course is a one lap loop taking in a number of Greens; Watch, Bannister, Cock, Thistley, Willows & Crix . It starts with a slight downward incline followed by a number of undulations and a deceptive updward incline in the second half. This didn’t seem to bother a number of our runners with 6 PBs and a couple of season’s best although I know it unsettled a number of the Witham crew. The PBs range from 1 second for Vicky Hunt to 2 minutes for Dave Campbell who seems to be having a smashing time with his PBs.

Colsey and Anita were back to their usual cat and mouse antics switching lead a number of times during the race before Anita pulled off around the 8k mark leaving Colsey behind. Our first Man home was Dave Campbell in 38:11 and Vicky Hunt was our first lady in 44:18.

Well done all, full results below.

A quick reminder to all to put Witham RC as your club when entering races as I’ve had to trawl through to spot a number of today’s WRC runners. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone or any PBs & I’ll update.

Dave Campbell 38:11:00 PB
Heydon Mizon 38:53:00
Leo Cole 39:36:00
Andy Lager 41:50:00
Sean Darney 42:04:00 PB
Lee Pembroke 42:26:00
Steven Watson 42:28:00  PB
Mark Austin 42:34:00
Simon Scott 43:26:00
David Hunt 44:06:00
Vicky Hunt 44:18:00 PB
Mark Lynch 44:30:00
Bill Smythe 44:40:00
Steve Hennings 47:39:00 PB
Angie Manley 47:46:00
Bob Taylor 47:49:00
Anthony Smith 49:55:00
Emma Smith 50:07:00
Nick Manley 50:09:00
Ross Silverton 50:24:00
Anita Grainger 50:40:00
Colin Short 51:49:00
Louise Pascoe 54:06:00 PB
Emma Sweeney 54:39:00
Jo Smythe 56:33:00
Sasha Rush 57:19:00
Karen Flowers 58:04:00
Jen Mayes 01:04:35
Martina Byrne 01:05:21



  1. Steven Watson says:

    A PB for me

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