Essex cross country Hadleigh 10k

15 August 2017 - By Terry Alabaster

On Saturday myself and Gerry Greenwold ran in race 4 of the Essex Cross Country series held in the country park at Hadleigh.
The course had changed from the last time I did it and stayed on sandy/stoney paths and was to say the least challenging. There were a few challenging hills and the last kilometre was up a very strenuous climb.
Our finishing times were:

Terry Alabaster 52.14
Gerry Greenwold 53.26

To put our times into perspective only the first two runners managed to get under 40 minutes.

Not being satisfied with a tough 10k Gerry then on Sunday ran in the Dorney half marathon near Windsor which he finished in
After Saturday that to me seems like an extremely good effort.


  1. Martyn Byford Martyn Byford says:

    When I tell you he did the Saturday Morning Track Session you will be even more impressed. Well done Gerry

  2. Gerry Greenwold Gerry Greenwold says:

    Thanks both of you for your kind words.

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