England national ultra distance championships

22 May 2017 - By Terry Alabaster

On Sunday I ran in the England National ultra distance championships held 20 miles outside of Hull. The distance for this was 50k. At the Same time the 100k national road championships and the Anglo Celtic plate competed for by the home nations was being held.

The course was an out and back 25k which meant you saw the runners coming the other way. It was interesting to see the runners representing England and the other British countries in the 100k. Words of encouragement were passed both ways and I can say these international runners now know the vest of Witham running club.

I only really made my mind up to go for sure on the Saturday morning due to lack of training and the usual niggles but am now glad I made the trip.

The race itself was definitely a race of two very different halves. After 1 1/2 miles I realised that I had moved into the lead for the over 50 category. I kept this lead until the run through the start area for the next lap at just under 16 miles. At this point I had just slowed slightly and was overtaken by the eventual 50 age group winner. After this i slowed right down to a fast walk for a lot of the second lap. I could have pulled out at the halfway point but as I had traveled a long way decided to clock up another 50k to my name.

I ran the first 16 miles in around 2.10 fairly comfortably but struggled through the second half in 3.40 for a finish time of 5.50.

At least I can say I lead my age group category in a national championship for the best part of 15 miles and for half the race felt that I was actually competing. I might find an easy race to do next.


  1. Brigid Wallen says:

    Congratulations Terry, really pleased you didn’t give up. I think it’s time to enter that 100k…

  2. Martyn Byford Martyn Byford says:

    Excellent run Terry still a fantastic achievement . Brigid has said she will do the 100k with you 🙂

  3. Terry Alabaster Terry Alabaster says:

    Haha thanks chaps. Nice of Brigid to volunteer.

  4. Graham Eyre Graham Eyre says:

    Well done Terry, great achievement

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