Ekiden Scorchio Relays with Bronzed V35 ladies!

17 July 2016 - By Anita Grainger


On what felt like the hottest day of the year WRC took part in the annual Ekiden relays in the grounds of Woodbridge School, Suffolk. The proud bumblebee Gazebo took it’s prominent position next to the course alongside the multicolour array of other running club gazebos, numbers were collected from Race HQ, the abundant cake supplies arrived and all that was left to do was run or attempt to run in the soaring temperatures, or should we have relocated for a day on the beach?!

4 Junior teams started off the WRC participation showing the waiting adults how it should be done. It was rather amusing to watch David Grainger trying to keep up with Edward at the end of his leg where children have this habit of stepping it up about 4 gears for the final sprint and us adults have to try and hang on….. look out for the junior report from Tracey and Shawn.

In the adult section we fielded 8 teams; 5 Mens and 3 Ladies. The adults ran a marathon distance over 6 legs; one leg of 7.2km, 2 *10km legs and 3* 5km legs. This involved 2.5k laps around the picturesque school grounds, the exception being the first 7.2km leg that did a shorter 2.2km first lap.

I’m pleased to say after all the team personnel changes everyone turned up, remembered to run the correct distance and successfully did legal takeovers. Well done everyone!

Dave Campbell was going so fast on his 7.2km leg that his chip couldn’t keep up with him and bailed out somewhere round the 3rd lap. Chip timing have now sorted out his correct time. The only PB I’m aware of is Paul Chandler which is hardly surprising in the heat and I think the focus of most was to get round in one piece. That said there were some respectable times posted and we should all be proud.

The Ladies V35A team had a storming performance, completely un-phased by the Mens teams around them, finished 3rd . Well done ladies!

Thanks to our photographers for catching us in action look out for pics in the gallery.

Full times below, including team positions.

DISTANCE FV35 A 3rd/14
7.2 Brigid Wallen 00:32:52
5 Angela Manley 00:23:18
10 Liz Stuckey 00:46:28
5 Wendy Martin 00:23:20
10 Vicky Hunt 00:44:51
5 Sharon Carr 00:23:50
Total Time 03:14:38
Winning time 02:59:09
DISTANCE FV35 B 9th/14
7.2 Rachael Pearsons 00:36:22
5 Anita Grainger 00:25:36
10 Emma Smith 00:53:16
5 Emma Sweeney 00:26:36
10 Shelley Enders 00:52:53
5 Rachael Crisp 00:24:59
Total Time 03:39:42
Winning time 02:59:09
DISTANCE Female Open 14th/15
7.2 Sasha Rush 00:40:22
5 Tracey Denby 00:28:40
10 Jo Smythe 01:02:09
5 Becky Grimwood 00:27:44
10 Annabelle Reed 01:01:33
5 Dawn Shilling 00:28:11
Total time 04:08:43
Winning time 02:43:02
DISTANCE Mens Open 18th/27
7.2 Steve Watson 00:29:40
5 Sean Oconnor 00:23:17
10 Chris Martin 00:39:34
5 James Kennerley 00:22:41
10 David Hunt 00:41:38
5 James Deag 00:20:55
Total time 02:57:43
Winning time 02:23:41
DISTANCE Mens V40 6th/14
7.2 Dave Campbell 00:27:29
5 Andy Lager 00:20:04
10 Leo Cole 00:41:12
5 Pete Riley 00:20:15
10 Heydon Mizon 00:40:06
5 James Crisp 00:19:14
Total time 02:48:18
Winning time 02:37:40
DISTANCE Mens V40 9th/14
7.2 Tony Wallen 00:31:04
5 Shawn Beckerleg 00:22:43
10 Mark Underdown 00:42:24
5 Alex Stuckey 00:20:57
10 Stuart Mills 00:42:51
5 Bill Smythe 00:22:00
Total time 03:01:58
Winning time 02:37:40
DISTANCE Mens V40 14th/14
7.2 Steve Henning 00:34:30
5 Tony Smith 00:24:34
10 Paul Hedger 00:50:29
5 Steve McMahon 00:26:18
10 Bob Taylor 00:50:48
5 Colin Short 00:25:29
Total time 03:32:11
Winning time 02:37:40
DISTANCE Mens V50 6th/17
7.2 Paul Chandler 00:30:52
5 Martyn Byford 00:24:49
10 Simon Scott 00:46:01
5 Phil Martin 00:24:17
10 Mark Austin 00:44:18
5 Dave Jobling 00:23:20
Total time 03:13:34
Winning time 02:46:41


  1. James Crisp James Crisp says:

    Well done ladies on the podium position… and the fab cake!! What a team 🙂

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