East Hanningfield Trail Marathon

8 January 2018 - By Terry Alabaster

On Sunday I ran the above trail marathon which started in East Hanningfield and weaved its way around Danbury and the edge of Maldon.

The course was self navigated which at times was not obvious. There were various stops as runners debated which way to go. Those of you who did the Elves 11 on Christmas Eve will know the descriptive style as the race was put on by the same organisation.

There was plenty of mud and some fields were barely walkable so at times it was a slog. There was heavy wind now and then but thankfully no rain.

I finished in 5.23.05 which placed me 23rd of 89 finishers. To show how tough the race was only 1 runner finished under 4 hours while only the top 15 managed sub 5 hours.

I was pleased with the result and glad to be back, hopefully, to running the trails.

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