Darneys Storm Paris – heat bakes Crisp

4 April 2016 - By James Crisp

Darneys took the podium in Paris at the weekend with some excellent efforts on a hot day.

Scott was first home for Witham in 3:29.46. Darney number 2 (Sean) finished in 3:44.42 and to finish the trio Stuart (Springfield striders) came in at 4:32.59.  I sadly didn’t quite make it to the finish line by about 400m but at 26 miles my time was 3:17.

It it was a fantastic race, so well organised for a competition with 57,000 entrants I would highly recommend it. I’ll probably stick to cooler marathons from now on though.

Congratulations to the Darneys on their excellent debut marathons.



  1. Haydeh Safavi haydehsafavi@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Wow, smashing results.
    Unfortunately I didn’t get to see you guys. I must admit it was too hot, but managed to finish my first marathon despite the blister on my foot from mile 11. My time was 5:10:30.

  2. Clare Morrison says:

    Congratulations guys – absolutely brilliant times. James – forget that pesky 400m – 26miles at a 3:17 marathon pace – totally awesome !

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